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My name is Marat,
I create websites on Tilda.
I develop sites with clean code.
My goal is to create interactive and easily digestible designs that not only look colorful, but also provide an amazing user experience.
My commitment to professionalism is reflected in every stage of development. I take into account the latest trends in web design and use advanced technologies to ensure that your website is modern, fast and adaptable to different devices.
I believe that every detail matters and it should be in its place. This applies to both aesthetic aspects and functionality. Striving for perfection, I work on every element of the interface to create a harmonious and comfortable user experience.
The ultimate goal of my work is to translate your unique story and brand into a visually appealing and functional web design. I strive to create websites that not only inspire excitement, but also help you achieve your goals, whether it's increasing sales or expanding your online community.




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It's time to make your business visible! Order a website development and turn visitors into customers!

site development stages

From idea inception to concept realization, from design to development, testing and user experience improvement.


We define goals, objectives and technical details. We are preparing a detailed technical task. You transmit all available content.

analyzing the niche and target audience

Collecting information, searching for references. We are determining the style of the future project. Making edits.


I create a site map, think through the logic, and work through the sections. I'm creating a prototype of the project.

creating a project design

I present the finished design of the main page of the site. After approval, I finish the remaining pages.

website development

Ready design I transfer to Tilda, Wordpress, Webflow or write pure code without cms. Adapt for all resolutions and devices.

preparing for launch

Setting up analytics, SEO optimization. Testing the correct operation of all functions and integrations.


express website
landing page
multi-page website
online store
from $100.
from $200.
from $400.
from $600.
2-3 days
7-14 days
14-25 days
20-40 days


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